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Conveyor Belt Scales

Our conveyor belt scales are easy to install and calibrate and will fit any width conveyor. Suitable for both stationary and mobile plants, there is no need for constant recalibration with our belt weigher systems!

Full reports generated by shift and optional cloud management ensure you’re accurately tracking weights no matter what.

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Belt Weigher Downloads

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    Bluetooth Tractor Scales

    Bluetooth Weighing

    Our simple to install, easy to use, revolutionary Bluetooth tractor scale system.

    Wheeled Loader Scales

    Loader Scales

    Track loading efficiency with high precision and fully legal for trade wheeled loader scales.

    Platform Scales

    Platform Scales

    Aussie designed and manufactured, customised to suit your operation.

    Silo & Hopper

    Monitor and control products in silos, hoppers and tanks using this on-farm weighing system.

    Calibration & Verification

    Weigh Beams

    Full customisable, Australian designed and manufactured, pre-calibrated and setup.

    Wheel Pads

    Wheel Pads

    Options include portable vehicle scales, axle weighing systems and in-motion axle scales.