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At Anmar Scales, we understand that selecting the perfect weighbridge solution is a significant decision for your farm or operation. That’s why we offer a no-obligation site visit to fully plan your installation before finalising any proposal.

Our goal is to ensure that the weighbridge we propose meets your specific needs with precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Our promise is to offer a no-obligation Site Visit to all our new customers before presenting a proposal.

Why a Site Visit? No one else offers that!

A site visit from our weighing specialists is the first and most crucial step in our weighbridge installation process. This visit allows us to:

  • Assess Your Specific Needs: Understand your operational requirements, traffic flow, and the types and sizes of trucks you need to weigh.
  • Weighbridge Positioning Review: Using a drone, we survey your preferred location aerially to make recommendations on the placement of your weighbridge.
  • Evaluate Site Conditions: Identify the physical characteristics of the site, including space availability, ground and soil conditions, and access points to determine the most suitable weighbridge configuration.
  • Required Accessories & Addons: With an understanding of your requirements, we will suggest the appropriate indicators, load cells and other required accessories.
  • Discuss Customisation Options: Explore potential customisations and additional features to enhance your weighbridge’s functionality and integration into your existing operation. For example, walkways.

What happens during the Site Visit?

When you schedule a site visit with Anmar Scales, here’s what you can expect:

1. Initial Consultation

Our visit begins with a consultation to discuss your operational goals, challenges, and any specific requirements you have for your weighbridge. Coffee is on us!

2. Detailed Site Inspection

Our weighing specialists will conduct a detailed inspection of your site, considering factors such as:

  • Location: Optimal placement for ease of access and operational efficiency.
  • Ground Conditions: Soil type, stability, and preparation needed for weighbridge installation.
  • Space: Availability and layout to accommodate the weighbridge and any ancillary equipment.

3. Data Collection

We gather all necessary data, including measurements, photos, and drone footage to aid in the design and proposal process.

4. Preliminary Recommendations

Based on our findings, we’ll offer preliminary recommendations on the type of weighbridge that best suits your site, potential customisations, and any preparatory work required.

5. Follow-Up Discussion

After the site visit, we’ll schedule a follow-up discussion to review our findings, answer any questions, and outline the next steps!

What happens after the Site Visit?

Armed with detailed information from our site visit, we will develop a comprehensive proposal for your weighbridge. This proposal will include:

  • Weighbridge Design: Tailored to fit your site and operational needs.
  • Customisation Options: Based on your requirements and our initial discussion.
  • Installation Plan: A step-by-step guide to installing your new weighbridge, including any site preparation work.
  • Investment Overview: Detailed pricing for the weighbridge, customisation, installation and calibration.

Choosing Anmar Scales means partnering with a company committed to delivering precision, reliability, and value. Our site visit process is the first step in ensuring your weighbridge solution perfectly aligns with your business needs.

Once your weighbridge has been installed, you’re backed up by our incredible post-sales promises…

Certified 100% Aussie Made

Certified 100% Aussie Made

Designed, manufactured and built here in Australia.

Fully Trade Approved

Fully Trade Approved

Meet all NMI regulations and NHVR CoR requirements.

10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

No questions asked, if there’s an issue, we fix it.

Fully Trade Approved

Totally Supported

Our dedicated team of mobile techs are all across VIC, NSW & ACT.

10 Year Warranty

Massive Stock Hold

All components on hand to ensure prompt part availability and installation.

Certified 100% Aussie Made

Fixed Price, Guaranteed!

No surprises or shocks, just a locked-in price covering everything.


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