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Weighbridge & Truck Scales

Anmar Scales manufactures and supplies a wide range of weighbridges and truck scales. From single axle scales through to multi-deck bridges suitable for road trains. All our weighbridges are fully supported by our team of technicians across Victoria, NSW & ACT.

With our Australian-Built NMI Trade Approved Weighbridges, you can be confident that you are getting Australian build quality, complying with the National Trade Measurement Regulations and meeting your Chain of Responsibility vehicle weighing legislation.

So, we can proudly say that we stand behind all our products and our workmanship to deliver consistent accuracy through stringent testing procedures to maximise loads and efficiency.

An Anmar Scales weighbridge will optimize your loading, monitor incoming goods, and ensure vehicles are not overloaded when leaving your site. This will lead to increased profits and reduced vehicle maintenance costs whilst ensuring that you are in good standing with the NHVR.

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Certified Australian Made

Certified 100% Aussie Made

Designed, manufactured and built here in Australia.

48 Hour Service Promise

48 Hour Support Promise

Whatever the issue, we promise our techs will be onsite within 48 hours.

Fixed Price Guarantee

Fixed Price, Guaranteed!

No surprises or shocks, just a locked-in price covering everything.

10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

No questions asked, if there’s an issue, we fix it.

Fully Trade Approved

Fully Trade Approved

Meet all NMI regulations and NHVR CoR requirements.

Massive Stock Hold

Massive Stock Hold

All parts on hand to ensure prompt availability and installation.

Above Ground Weighbridge

The best solution when you have the space! Our above ground weighbridges are the most common truck weighing solution we manufacture and install. Used for rigid and semi-trailer operations, utilising either I-Beam sides or flat top versions for greater width.

Easy access for maintenance, easy to clean, and the perfect solution for your operation!

Ideal for on-farm bridges, agricultural operations, scrap metal, and recycling plants.

Multi-Deck Weighbridge

When you need a serious truck axle group weighing solution, a multi-deck weighbridge is the answer! Used for all truck types and combinations, you avoid split-weighing errors with an Anmar Scales multi-deck weighbridge.

A must for CoR compliance, monitor axel groups with absolute precision whilst maintaining easy-to-maintain and easy-to-clean truck scales.

Ideal for large farm operations, grain storage facilities, roadside truck weighing, and trucking companies.

Flat Top Weighbridge

Our revolutionary Flat Top Weighbridge, otherwise known as the Anmar Sideless Weighbridge, is a brand new innovation from our engineering team.

The perfect entry-point weighbridge, these robust truck scales come at a lower investment but is still trade approved and suitable for weighing all size loads.

Ideal for small outdoor operations and agriculture.

Pitted Weighbridge

When both space and height are limited, your best option is to go into the floor! An in-ground, or pitted, weighbridge is your perfect indoor warehouse truck weighing solution.

Our design allows forklifts to access the truck from either side for loading whilst on the weighbridge. We also use short decks which are perfect for axle or axle group weighing.

Not to mention no ramps are required, it doesn’t get much easier than that for indoor truck scales!

Ideal for warehouses and other indoor operations.

Semi-Pitted Weighbridge

If you need a truck weighing solution but have limited space, a semi-pitted weighbridge is your solution! Needing less space than an above ground weighbridge, a semi-pitted weighbridge gives you a full-length truck scale when the area limitations are a factor.

No confined space permits are required for maintenance, meaning servicing and cleaning are not an issue.

Ideal for smaller agricultural operations and scrap metal and recycling plants.


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    Weighbridge FAQs

    Why should I buy an Anmar Scales Trade Approved Weighbridge?

    • Fully supported by our dedicated team of mobile technicians across Vic, NSW & ACT
    • Large stock hold of load cells and spare parts ensures prompt parts availability & replacement if required
    • Compliance with National Trade Measurement Regulations
    • Meet NHVR Chain of Responsibility requirements
    • Prevent overloading and increase safety
    • Increase profits by optimizing outgoing loads and monitoring deliveries
    • 10 Year load cell warranty
    • Our trade-approved weighbridges are locally manufactured in Australia

    Above ground or pitted weighbridge?

    Above-ground weighbridges are the easiest to clean and maintain. They also don’t require specialist confined space entry which makes them safer and a preferred option. However, if you have limited headroom or insufficient space for approach ramps, then an in-ground pitted bridge will be the answer.

    Will Anmar Scales take care of everything?

    Anmar Scales can provide full turnkey weighbridge solutions. This includes ground preparation & foundations, supply and installation of site cabin, walkways and sampling stands along with the full installation, calibration and verification of the weighbridge.

    Aus Made Logo Square

    Certified Australian Made Weighbridges

    Our weighbridges are officially certified as Australian Made!

    We use 100% Aussie steel in our manufacturing process which ensures our weighbridges are built to last. We’re incredibly proud of this achievement and will be displaying the famous green and gold triangle on our weighbridges across the country.

    This stamp of approval is another step in our growth as the premium supplier of trade-approved weighbridges in the Australian market.


    Anmar Scales are experts in upgrades and refurbishments, breathing new life into any old weighing system.

    Calibration & Verification

    Our scale calibration service ensures weighing systems are performing with absolute accuracy.

    Repairs & Maintenance

    Repair or maintain your weighing system to guarantee performance and longevity.