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Weighbridges for Farming

At Anmar Scales we offer certified Australian-made, state-of-the-art, industrial weighbridges for farming with fixed pricing and a 48-hour support service promise.

We offer unique custom on-farm weighing solutions for your farming needs. The right custom farm weighbridge can increase productivity, improve efficiency and streamline operations.

An on-farm weighbridge is an essential part of farming operations in Australia, helping ensure products and loads are measured with precision. Accurate farm scales improve resource management, compliance and profitability with minimal effort.

On-farm weighbridges provide the convenience of weighing produce, products or materials on-site, anytime.  This can save you time and money, and help determine freight and other costs.

Precision Built & Certified Australian-Made

A weighbridge for farming must be reliable, durable and exact in its readings; which is why we design them with such precision.

Our quality farm weighbridges are certified Australian-made and include a 10-year guarantee to provide you with peace of mind and ongoing support.

Customisation & Integration

On-farm weighbridges are not a one-size-fits-all product. We understand and take seriously that every farm has different processes and functionality needs.

That is why we design customised on-farm weighbridges that perfectly integrate with your already established farming operations and infrastructure.

Our objective is to enhance your current farming processes by providing you with our customised solutions.

Convenience & Tech Support

Supporting your farming operation is our #1 goal; which is why we offer a 48-hour support promise.

That means no matter the issue, our tech support team will be onsite within 48 hours to fix the problem.

Our priority is to offer fast and convenient support services to all our clients to avoid any hold-ups due to technical issues.

On-Site Consultation

Here at Anmar Scales, we provide on-site consultations to accurately assess your requirements.

Our consultant will visit your farm and work with you to determine the best weighbridge solution for your farming needs.

We use state-of-the-art technology, including the use of a drone to accurately map out the final placement of the weighbridge, to ensure the best outcome.

Our consultants can travel anywhere in ACT, NSW and Victoria.

Fixed Pricing

We offer fixed pricing for the design, construction and installation of our weighbridges.

You can rest assured there are no hidden costs or surprises.

We assess each site properly to ensure accuracy the first time around.

At Anmar Scales, we aim to simplify your farming process. Our weighing specialists will find a solution for your on-farm measuring needs. We are experienced in farming projects great and small, and are well equipped to achieve a desirable result for your requirements. There isn’t a farm-weighing problem that we can’t solve!

Our company offers technology precision and ongoing support with a guaranteed 48-hour service turnaround.

Take a step towards enhancing your farming processes with a custom weighbridge designed specifically for you. Book a site visit today and take your farming operation to new heights!

Certified 100% Aussie Made

Certified 100% Aussie Made

Designed, manufactured and built here in Australia.

Fully Trade Approved

Fully Trade Approved

Meet all NMI regulations and NHVR CoR requirements.

10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

No questions asked, if there’s an issue, we fix it.

Fully Trade Approved

48 Hour Support Promise

Whatever the issue, we promise our techs will be onsite within 48 hours.

10 Year Warranty

Massive Stock Hold

All components on hand to ensure prompt part availability and installation.

Fixed Price, Guaranteed

Fixed Price, Guaranteed!

No surprises or shocks, just a locked-in price covering everything.


Book an Onsite Consultation

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    Certified Australian Made Weighbridges

    Our weighbridges are officially certified as Australian Made!

    We use 100% Aussie steel in our manufacturing process which ensures our weighbridges are built to last. We’re incredibly proud of this achievement and will be displaying the famous green and gold triangle on our weighbridges across the country.

    This stamp of approval is another step in our growth as the premium supplier of trade-approved weighbridges in the Australian market.


    Anmar Scales are experts in upgrades and refurbishments, breathing new life into any old weighing system.

    Calibration & Verification

    Our scale calibration service ensures weighing systems are performing with absolute accuracy.

    Repairs & Maintenance

    Repair or maintain your weighing system to guarantee performance and longevity.