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Industrial Weighing Equipment Specialists

Anmar Scales carries one of the largest stock levels of industrial weighing scales, equipment and accessories in the weighing industry for all our specialised fields.

Find out more below about what Anmar Scales could do for you!

Platform Scales

Belt Weighers

Guaranteed to fit any width conveyor belts for both stationary and mobile plants.

Bluetooth Tractor Scales

Bluetooth Weighing

Our simple to install, easy to use, revolutionary Bluetooth tractor scale system.

Wheeled Loader Scales

Loader Scales

Track loading efficiency with high precision and fully legal for trade wheeled loader scales.

Platform Scales

Platform Scales

Aussie designed and manufactured, customised to suit your operation.

Silo & Hopper

Monitor and control products in silos, hoppers and tanks using this on-farm weighing system.

Calibration & Verification

Weigh Beams

Full customisable, Australian designed and manufactured, pre-calibrated and setup.

Wheel Pads

Wheel Pads

Options include portable vehicle scales, axle weighing systems and in-motion axle scales.

Looking for something?

Anmar Scales carries a massive range of industrial scales. If you’re looking for something custom or for a specific use, contact us!


Anmar Scales are experts in upgrades and refurbishments, breathing new life into any old weighing system.

Calibration & Verification

Our scale calibration service ensures weighing systems are performing with absolute accuracy.

Repairs & Maintenance

Repair or maintain your weighing system to guarantee performance and longevity.