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What is a weighbridge and what is it used for?

What is a weighbridge? And what exactly is it used for? If you have these questions about truck scales, stay with us. Anmar Scales answers your questions and explains everything you need to know about this type of weighing equipment.

There are various types of weighing instruments. And in our daily lives, we use many of them, such as bathroom scales, kitchen scales, and even commercial scales. However, although important, some types of weighing instruments are not visible to everyone and have functions we don’t usually think about. This is the case with weighbridges.

Therefore, on our blog, we provide a definition of a weighbridge and answer other questions you may have about this type of weighing equipment.

What is a weighbridge and how does it work?

A weighbridge is a weighing instrument developed for weighing trucks and other vehicles.

Depending on the terrain conditions where they will operate and even the type of business they are intended for, truck weighbridges have different features in dimensions, materials, range, and division, etc. They are generally made of a metallic platform or metal and concrete, along with other elements that enable weighing, such as load cells.

When vehicles pass over the platform, the weighbridge, whether installed above ground or embedded, measures the weight and sends the information to another piece of equipment.

What is the purpose of a weighbridge?

A weighbridge is primarily used to measure the weight of a vehicle and its load. However, the process is applicable in various business areas and different contexts. Truck scales are part of the daily routine and operations of both small and large companies across various sectors. Whether in agriculture or industry, they are generally used to determine the weight of goods in commercial transactions. Weighing all kinds of loads, from food products to metals, truck scales ensure that companies sell and/or receive the quantities specified. Thus, weighbridges are essential for fair commercial transactions. They function like a cash register, in conjunction with weight displays and information storage systems.

For regulatory bodies, weighbridges also serve as a work instrument to verify whether vehicles transporting goods comply with the maximum load allowed by law. Therefore, in this case, truck scales play a crucial role in complying with legislation and even in maintaining roads and preventing road accidents related to overload.

How should a weighbridge be used?

Before starting to use a weighbridge, it is crucial to first choose the one most suitable for the business in question. Initially, consider the primary purpose the equipment must fulfill, check the terrain conditions where you plan to install it, and understand what kind of extras should accompany it. Only then can you have a truck scale tailored to your needs.

After acquiring your weighbridge, take some precautions to maintain its accuracy and extend the life of the equipment. In daily use, always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines, avoiding exposing your weighbridge to extreme conditions that exceed its capacity, for example. Over the months of use, also aim to perform regular maintenance and cleaning to preserve all components. And don’t forget to ensure the mandatory annual checks for non-automatic weighing instruments used in commercial transactions.

Now that we’ve answered all your questions about weighbridges, you won’t forget the importance these devices have in our daily lives. Although they are behind the scenes, truck scales ensure fair commercial transactions and help to enhance road safety.

Learn more details about these devices by visiting our website and discover all the weighbridge options from Anmar Scales!