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Optimise your weighbridge with premium accessories and options

Enhance the performance and efficiency of your weighbridge system with Anmar Scales’ comprehensive range of accessories.

Our selection includes traffic lights, boom gates, remote displays, and advanced software solutions designed to improve safety, streamline operations, and ensure accurate data management. Whether you need to control vehicle flow, display weight information clearly, or manage data effectively, our high-quality accessories are tailored to meet the unique demands of your weighing operations.

Browse our range below to find the perfect accessories for your needs!

Driver Control Station (DCS)

A Driver Control Station is used when a driver completes the weighing while on the weighbridge.

The weighing interface and printer are housed in an enclosure at the weighbridge so the driver can either lean out the vehicle window or exit the vehicle and use it on a walkway next to the bridge.

The driver would enter all their data and print their own tickets.

Remote Displays

A choice of remote displays is available.

These can be used on a single-deck weighbridge to inform the driver of their weight.

Multiple displays can be used on multi-deck weighbridge to display the vehicle axle group weights and total vehicle weight.

Some versions have built in red / green traffic lights and can be used to control traffic flow onto and off the weighbridge.


Depending on the requirements, a range of printers can be connected directly to the weighbridge controller.

A choice of thermal or impact printers can be used.

These are usually tally roll or slip printers.

Walkways & Sample Stands

Walkways and sample stands can be custom-made to suit your application.

We supply a range of pre-fabricated aluminium walkways which can be assembled on-site.

Speed Bumps

Although weighbridges are robust and built tough, the constant hard braking of vehicles can cause unnecessary wear and tear.

A simple way to reduce this is to slow the vehicles down using speed bumps on the approach and departure ramps of the weighbridges.

Access Boom Gates

Boom gates can give you another level of security and prevent the unauthorised use of a weighbridge.

Solar Powered

For sites where there is no mains power available, battery-backed solar-powered options can be supplied.


It is a legal requirement for the weighbridge operator to be able to see both ends of the weighbridge during use.

If the operator is in a position where they cannot observe both ends, then cameras are the best option.

Vehicle Detection Sensors

Vehicle detection sensors ensure that a vehicle is correctly and completely on the weighbridge before a weighing can take place.

This also prevents potential fraudulent activities where the operator/driver tries to weigh with part of the truck off the weighbridge.

Remote Zero Button or Sensor

In cases where there is no operator at the weighbridge and the driver is performing the weighing themselves, it is possible to have a remote button on a pole on the weighbridge approach ramp.

Should the weighbridge not be at zero weight when the vehicle approaches, then the driver can lean out the window and press the remote zero button.

This function could also be performed using a remote sensor if required.

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights, either as stand-alone units or incorporated into remote displays are another way to control traffic flow.

The operator could operate these manually to call vehicles onto the weighbridge or they could be part of an automated system to control traffic flow.


Including printers, remote displays, vehicle detection sensors, remote zero inputs, access booms and more!

Full Turnkey Addons

Your full turnkey weighbridge installation can include walkways, civils, and concreting.


Download resources from the National Measurement Institute to ensure your weighbridge operates efficiently.


Anmar Scales are experts in upgrades and refurbishments, breathing new life into any old weighing system.

Calibration & Verification

Our scale calibration service ensures weighing systems are performing with absolute accuracy.

Repairs & Maintenance

Repair or maintain your weighing system to guarantee performance and longevity.