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We recently had a customer drop off a conveyor at our Broadmeadows workshop to have a belt weigher fitted. We were able to fit and test the single idler setup in our workshop and then ship it back to site for the customer to install in-line with their scrap metal shredder.

The Beltway system comprises of a dedicated belt scale integrator and an easy to install belt scale that can fit on virtually any width conveyor.

You’ll notice in the video that the centre roller is not always turning. This is due to incorrect belt tension which if not corrected would affect the overall accuracy of the belt weigher. Getting the mechanical installation right is vital to scale accuracy. Roller condition, idler alignment, belt tension and tracking all need to be checked to ensure proper weigher operation.

Whether you’re after a new scale, calibration or repairs to existing plant, contact Anmar Scales for all you belt weigher needs.